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New Release: Protection Studio v5.3.5


Softlock Protection Studio v5.3.4 is the new product version of Softlock software protection solution line of products. Softlock Protection Studio v5.3.4 is a software tool that provides to software vendors advanced and various techniques to protect their software against Reverse Engineering, Piracy and Illegal distribution.
Softlock Protection Studio v5.3.4 provides All in One software protection tool. The Protection Studio provides different protection techniques in a single tool.

What's New

1.      Using many serials with the same license
The application protected as Safe Activation can run with more than one serial for the same license on the same computer.
2.      Improved getting of Machine ID
Update getting the machine ID from the user to solve bug found getting USB device ID instead the Hard Disk ID.
3.      Viewing the activated serial for each user on the Activation Server.
4.      Adding some information in Log file like machine information, OS information and Machine ID
5.      Creating "Protection License" directory by Network Service Installer.