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Enterprise Identity and access management


Enterprise Identity and access management

Identity and Access management

Identity and access management solutions identifies and controls access to the company’s data and assure those who accessed are authorized to access those specific modules.
Every organization today requires identity & access management especially for businesses whose employees work remotely with access to the company data resources and services.
To effectively protect your data, the IT department must address the threats and utilize an effective identity and access management solution to protect your organization from unauthorized access and data hacking knowing that risk factors vary from one organization to another based on security layers and the existing network and security configuration. 
Identity and Access management solutions consist of two main components: authentication and authorization.

Authentication vs. authorization


Authentication is the act of validating that users are whom they claim to be. Passwords were the most commonly used authentication permits, however, with advanced technologies authentication permits became two or three-factor; 2FA as passwords plus hardware tokens and MFA which include the three authentication factors; something you have, something you are, and something you know as biometric tokens.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is often deployed to entities and environments that require high-security standards.


Authorization is permitting specific users to access specific resources, functions, or modules that are restricted to other users.
Without authentication and authorization or without proper Identity and Access management, companies get exposed to critical cyber-attack threats whether from external parties or internally from own staff exploiting sensitive data that is improperly secured.

Enterprise Guard for Identity and Access management

Softlock Enterprise Guard through its normal or biometric PKI tokens & applications, guarantees a high level of authentication and authorization for your organization covering Secure Windows Login, Secure Web Login, Secure VPN Login, Email Signing and Encryption, Document Signing and Encryption, secure hard drives and hidden partitions.
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