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Passwordless Authentication


Passwordless Authentication

Fido2 Technology has been a major driver of advances in authentication standards. Softlock FIDO2 Security keys provide strong passwordless, phishing resistant two-factor, and multi-factor authentication. The usual passwords that have been used for authentication purposes were easily hacked or captured by cameras or seen by someone passing by in addition to the cons of the usage of multiple passwords. Users usually manage between 15 to 35 passwords and their information sources and tools are exploding exponentially. 
The technology forms to eliminate accounts take overs and cybercriminals activities led to FIDO2 Security keys.

How do FIDO2 Security keys work?

Fido2 security keys authenticate users by creating a customized new pair of keys for every website/service, each service stores the public key only. FIDO2 Security keys are considered a higher security measure than the other security keys as no secrets are shared between service platforms and the Fido2 key holder. Also, Softlock biometric FIDO2 Security keys assure an optimum level of security as it validates the user identity through fingerprint recognition, without the need for any form of passwords.

Why choose passwordless authentication?

Entities transition to passwordless solutions reduce their exposure to data breaches. As using passwordless solutions, leave no passwords for cybercriminals to steal out of a platform server. It is also considered a source of cost reductions as Fido2 Passwordless authentication guarantees a decrease in the costs associated with password management and data breaches.
  • Provides strong passwordless, phishing resistant strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication
  • Eliminates account takeovers and delivers strong phishing defence
  • Enables secure web and mobile app login across all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Linux, and across all major browsers
  • Durable and portable design
  • Supports WebAuthn/FIDO2, FIDO U2F, OTP and Smart Card capabilities

Ensure a secure passwordless experience with Softlock Fido2 Tokens!