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Softlock and id3 Technologies collaboration


Softlock, a regional leader in Information Security, and Id3 technologies, a leading provider of match on card MOC technologies, announce their cooperation to provide the information security market with a strong Biometric PKI Smartcard.  

PKI help establish the identity of people, devices, and services enabling controlled access to systems and resources, protection of data, and accountability in transactions. Next generation business applications are becoming more reliant on PKI technology to guarantee high assurance, because evolving business models are becoming more dependent on electronic interaction requiring online authentication and compliance with stricter data security regulations.
We are excited to work closely with id3, with its leading MOC technology after the success of integration with NextBiometrics, with its unique sensor.

Upon the Successful integration of Softlock smart card operating system SLCOS with the id3 Technologies match on card module, we are now ready to provide a more secure, privacy-enhancing biometric smart card with dynamic flexibility and scalability, while eliminating the need for the database by both storing and processing biometric data directly on the card.

Id3 Technologies founded in 1990, is recognized as one of the leading experts in biometric innovative technologies, and has already issued more than 50 million licenses for its match-on-card algorithm. The constantly developing expertise of its team of 50 engineers has been rewarded by the MINEX III certification for worldwide top-ranking technology.
Softlock is a regional leader in Information Security providing technology, state of the art solutions, consulting, integration and testing services to protect the information assets, identities and the supporting infrastructure against unauthorized use. It provides a set of products and solutions like: PKI Solutions, FIDO2, smart card operating system, Software protection, secure identification and authentication, data encryption, security hardware, digital signature, and secure online distribution of digital contents.