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COVID-19 Phishing and Malicious attacks!


The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is an optimum opportunity for cybercriminals. Email scams, phishing, fake apps and malware attacks tied to the pandemic all seem to be on the rise.

The European Union Agency For Cyber security ( ENISA) has reported that there has been an increase in COVID19 phishing attacks and recent research from Bitdefender indicates that third-party Android app developers have begun taking advantage by using coronavirus-related keywords in their app names or descriptions.

Scams and phishing tied to the pandemic have steadily increased. At least 42,578 «corona» or «COVID» domain names have been registered since the start of March and 579 applications contained corona-related keywords. Many of these had nothing to do with the coronavirus at all, while others contained adware or were bundled with malware or information stealers under the guise of live tracker applications.

Implementing strict security measures are essential in order not to fall victim to phishing attacks and cyber threats.
It is more important now than ever for employees to use encrypted communication channels, to verify the authenticity of (malicious) emails requesting their credentials.

In case of installing new applications during this difficult time, we recommend installing only official apps from official marketplaces and seek information only from official sources.

If you want to secure your system from phishing attacks and protect data, we recommend you to explore our solutions that have been designed by implementing the latest innovative methods in the field of cyber security and digital data security.

It’s crucial for App providers to make sure the mobile app is secured to keep the apps safe from malware and other mobile threats.

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