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We celebrate being 25 years in business!



2020 isn't only the start of a new decade or the end of the last decade to us, it’s our 25th anniversary! This year has been a reflection on how far our company has reached, the innovative solutions it has provided, the skilled community it has created, and the relationships it has built with clients over the past 25 years.
We are proud to sustain 25 years of research and development and proud to be one of the most trusted providers of information security solutions in the region.
Our story started when Dr. Magdi Sharawi founded Softlock in the early 90s. At that time the IT industry was evolving, it required a different competitive mind-set. So instead of searching within the traditional boundaries of competition, he searched across those boundaries to find an unoccupied territory that represented real value for people and businesses. He looked for information security in light of the constant evolution of cyber threats.
With the collaboration of university professors and researchers, the team grew continuously with the vision of innovating solutions of real value.
Over the years, we have significantly expanded our products and solutions to include much more than could have been imagined when our founder started the business. The company started with CD Protection and now in 2020 ending up with biometric smart cards and we are still working on more innovative solutions. Now with an office of more than 70 employees, we have built a company that values innovation and technology.
Being in business for 25 years would not have been possible without the amazing people within our organization. We are incredibly thankful for the hard work and dedication of our current and ex-employees and are so appreciative to be able to work with each of them every day.
Many thanks to our incredible clients – your loyalty and trust in us throughout the years that allows us to push our boundaries and challenges us to strive for excellence in all that we do.
As the story of our company continues, we honour our beginnings and the people who have made this company what it is today. We continue the legacy of providing innovative information security solutions.
We are proud of the progress we have made and are thrilled to see what the future holds for our company. Looking forward to making an even bigger difference over the next 25 years!