Softlock now is the sole representative of PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works) in Egypt. 

The PWPW  (Polish Security Printing Works) is a commercial company owned by State Treasury and is one of the world’s leading producers of identity documents and banknotes. PWPW also provides plastics cards and security paper. PWPW is a supplier of modern IT solutions for secure transactions and data transmission and IT systems that assist the process of personalizing and issuing identity documents. PWPW provides solutions for institutions from several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as it has been included in the list of entities authorized by the European Central Bank to print Euro banknotes.

Softlock partnership with PWPW assures high level of security to Softlock smartcards. Each stage of production at PWPW is carried out according to strictly specified norms and rigorously observed procedures aimed at ensuring the highest quality of products and the maximum level of security.
Softlock sole represntative to PWPW in Egypt
The specifics of PWPW's production requires an effective, efficient and advanced security system.  This applies not only to the protection of premises, security of production, protection of information and IT resources but also to personal safety of employees.  The implemented procedures and instructions pertaining to production security are supported by state-of-the-art electronic systems such as building video monitoring system, production line monitoring systems, access control systems, burglary and assault signaling systems or advanced fire protection systems.

The information protection has been regulated in internal rules and policies in force at PWPW. These rules and policies provide for safe conditions for the processing of legally protected information as well as measures aimed at preventing its illegal or unauthorized use or distribution.

In addition, PWPW ensures security of personal data entrusted to it for processing.  Documents are personalized exclusively in specialized rooms protected with electronic and physical access control systems.  IT hardware and systems used for data processing comply with applicable standards and provisions of law.  The employees of PWPW hold all necessary licences and authorizations required under the Personal Data Protection Act.
PWPW ensures IT and communication security of legally protected information processed in its systems as well as IT and communication networks.  It holds an industrial security certificate of first degree ("strictly confidential” clause) and an international certificate for the EU "secret" clause.